Duca Show - Vietnamese Minstrelsy

Enjoy the beauty and essence of Vietnam

“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow” - Ticket

Spring trip to the North with unique festivals in Northwest region, especially Giong Festival, will be replicated by high-tech and stunning effects.

Southern fragrance and color with pictures of a lively, familiar, friendly and so romantic of Southern’s Viet Nam – Gentle an Pure.

Legacy travel with Vietnamese culture features which selected carefully and performed in the atmosphere of Hue - Imperial City that are extremely luxurious and maginificent.

Nha Trang rendezvous with glamorous Cham dances, Ponagar Cham Tower, discovering an EXCITING and MYSTERIOUS ocean.

“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow” - Ticket

-“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” - Ducashow": a journey soaring along the melody of music, taking audiences and visitors throughout the length of Vietnam. From "Northern Spring Tour",  "Central Heritage Journey" , to "Southern Flavors"  and visiting the point where “Nha Trang rendezvous” , audiences joining the show can get an impression of a nomadic life and feel like living in a colorful cultural space with many unforgettable emotional tones.

“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow” - Ticket

-“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow”: "A sufficiency" of various types of art: Music, Singing, Dancing, Circus, Prestidigitation, Fashion shows, Lighting show, Screen Interactive Demonstration ... a combination of which creates its attractiveness and impression beyond one’s expectation.

“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow” - Ticket

-“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow”: The Creativity commission includes prestigious names who are experienced in organizing festival activities in Vietnam, knowledgeable about the depth of culture - art, and enthusiastic with theater activities, especially tourism stages;

-“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” - "Ducashow": Modern technical equipment, special stage effects ... are employed reasonably, adding to the epic, attractive and unique style of the show. The audience will be completely satisfied with trapeze performances demonstrating refined skills, impressed with the image of Giong riding his divine horse flying up to the sky, enjoy the charming and beauty of many "National Costumes" which have won various international awards, completely conquered by the skill of crossing the log bridge of “Southerners”, surprised with the showers taking place right on the stage, interested with the unexplainable illusion of "Moonlight with night drum beats", get a chance to dream in the unique architectural space of the Ponagar Cham Tower and the legendary Champa dances, immersed in vast oceans with "Underwater Astronauts", and overjoyed by the Ducashow’s dance converging colors of many countries: Vietnam, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand ...

“Vietnamese Minstrelsy” – “Ducashow”: Spectacular, impressive and worth watching!